Sunny Verma Tap Dancer


Welcome to the world of Dance !!


Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expressions, Social Interaction or presented in a spiritual  or performance setting. Dance can be participatory, Social or performed for an audience.
Different Dance Forms/Styles 
Dancing has evolved many styles such as Tap dance, Hip-Hop, Contemporary. Bollywood, Folk, Fun Jazz,  wacking. Lyricl hip hop.Locking - Popping, Twitting, Tollywood (Tamil), Crazy Popping, Bollywood Hip-Hop, Salsa, Floor Contemporary etc.


                    I am a dancer

                          I dont dance because i want to.

                          I dance because i need do.

                          I tell a story by the movement of the body.

                          I dance because i get this amazing feeling

                          through the movement of my arms and the rhythm of the music.

                          I dance because it makes me happy.

                          I am an artist and athlete and the dreamer.

                                                                                    I AM A DANCER..... 




Michael Jackson King of Pop

Michael Jackson king of pop